The sales and marketing of the alcohol and cannabis industry in Canada is rather complex, however, a huge amount of information is available. We have developed an expertise to help our customers focus on their goals instead of allocating resources and energy to data management.

Ezfocus has been offering its services to agents and suppliers since 2012. We currently have more than 2000 users across Canada and working with 50 agents across the country.

The Ezfocus Advantage

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Unlimited users, support and training included. Whatever the size of your organisation, we have a package that fits your needs.

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A turnkey solution

We download and manage your data that way you can focus your energy on analysing the results and take action.

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One stop shop

CRM and sales data in one. On the road or at the office everyone is using the same tool.

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Get in-depth reporting in 2 clicks: national to provincial, territory to store, category trends to product performance as well as unified data sets in one single view.

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Get the information when you need it, how you want it; each user can adapt the reports based on their needs and export to PDF or Excel.

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Key Business Partner (CRM)

Easily log customer visits and track the efforts of the sales team against set objectives.

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Increased productivity

Centralize and automate your sales process, the productivity gain is immediate. Identifying opportunities is now easy.

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Web based

Our solution is cloud based, your team will always have access the most recent information from any device.

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Website development

Managing your portfolio is our expertise, refresh your website or expand your business online.


Our talented team can build a personalized website to your image and also ensure its maintenance.


Our packages can be adapted to your businesses needs and evolution ; we have packages for companies of all sizes.

Keep in mind that we have unlimited users, support and training is included.

Implementation is quick and ezfocus is accessible through any device.

1025$ 1540$ 2570$ 5145$ 495$
REPORTS Main Stream Main Stream+ Premium National Supplier
Product and Market Related
Product List
Sales and Inventory
Vintages Sell Through(On-Qc)
Quick Search-top stores
Summary by Category
4 year sales
Monthly Sales
Sales Team Related
Sales Rep List
Visit report(CRM)
Summary by Territory
All Stores and Licensee
Sales Rep Objective Management
Document and Picture Management
Profile Usage Management
Forecast Related*
Sales Forecast Management
Stock Management +100 +495
Pricing Management
Promotional A&P Management +100 +495
Marketing Grid Management
Analyst Reporting-Excel
Cubes +100 +100/cube +495
Ad-hoc report requests upon request upon request
Supplier Access
Market Level +50 +195
Store Level +50 +195 +495
Websites development
upon request upon request
Quebec Only
Private Import Management
Double Billing Management(PI)
Promopunch Reports
PO Report
* curently being developed

Note: every aditionnal province is an extra 525$/month for a maximum of 5145$/month for national access.


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Proven track record

Ezfocus - August 2018 client survey, with over 200 participants; 81% are satisfied, 97% say our reports meet their needs...

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Ezfocus cannabis

The sales and marketing of the wine and spirits industry in Canada is rather complex, however, a huge amount...

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Ezfocus websites

Managing your portfolio is our expertise, refresh your website or expand your business online. Our talented team can build...

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